What is Minecraft?

Kids love Minecraft! It has become one of the most popular video games amongst children and can be an engaging tool that allows for limitless creativity. Players create their own lands and experiences using various materials within the virtual world.

Why Minecraft?

When kids play Minecraft, they’re building on their creativity, problem solving, organizational and planning skills. Kids can work together as a team, or even individually. They can create their own adventure, so all skill levels are welcome to play.

In addition to building soft skills, Minecraft can also be used to construct accurate scale models of buildings, teach kids about programming and coding, as well as gamify other concepts kids learn in school – such as showing students how redstone can be used as an electrical energy source to power certain aspects of their world.

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Epic Weeks of Minecraft Camps

The future of the planet lies in the hands of future generations. Sustainable urban development is an achievable goal for the future if we empower our young people with the knowledge and tools they will need within STEM to make a difference.

Urban Innovations with Minecraft Camp Themes

  • Gridlock Blocks with Minecraft
  • Scraping the Sky with Minecraft
  • Going Green with Minecraft
  • Maximum Power with Minecraft
  • City Life with Minecraft


  • What are the different Minecraft themes?

    There are five themes in Engineering for Kid’s Urban Innovations with Minecraft Camps:

    • Gridlock Blocks with Minecraft – This week kids will explore the theme of sustainable, innovative, and futuristic transportation systems that include public transportation, such as rails, busses, and taxis, as well as pedestrian and bicycle systems.
    • Scraping the Sky with Minecraft – This week kids will explore the theme of architecture, engineering, & design by taking a closer look at the various skyscrapers of today and innovative ideas for the future.
    • Going Green with Minecraft – This week kids will explore the theme of urban gardening and green spaces and how they contribute to a more environmentally friendly, self-sustaining city.
    • Maximum Power with Minecraft – This week kids will explore the theme of renewable energy sources and how solar and wind energy can be incorporated to create a more sustainable urban design.
    • City Life with Minecraft – This week kids will explore the theme of how arts and entertainment enrich a city, making it an inviting place to live and call home.

    Kids apply their new, scientific understanding to design and create their very own city in Minecraft using the Engineering for Kids design process.

  • What is a flight?

    We offer 5 Minecraft themes (in consecutive order) over 10 weeks of summer. A flight is defined as each rotation of the full set of 5 themes. There are two flights for Summer 2021.

  • How can my child enroll for a Minecraft virtual or in-person camp?

    Enrolling for a Minecraft Summer Camp is easy! Simply get in touch with your nearest EFK location to learn more.

  • What is the Global Build Competition and how can my child participate?

    In each camp, students will build their own complete, futuristic, innovative city within the Minecraft game. Students can submit their completed map into our Global Build Competition and will have the chance to compete with other Engineering for Kids students across the world.

    Details to register for the competition will be provided to participants and parents upon enrollment.

  • What is the judging criteria for the Global Build Competition?

    Our expert panel of judges will score each submission based on the following judging criteria: adherence to theme(s), originality and creativity, and execution. Register now to join the competition!

  • Where is my nearest Engineering for Kids location?

    With 75+ locations across 37+ countries, we provide thousands of kids with the opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering, or mathematics each year. Check our website for a full list of EFK locations.

  • What other programs does Engineering for Kids offer?

    Engineering for Kids offes after-school programs, evening classes, camps, birthday parties, and special events designed to present kids with challenging yet accessible engineering activities from which they can learn and grow. Explore our programs.