Do you have what it takes to build an epic Minecraft City?

Apply what you’ve learned in your Engineering For Kids Summer Camp and enter your completed Minecraft maps in our Global Build Competition. You will get the chance to compete against other EFK kids all over the world! See competition rules.

This competition is open to all participants registered in selected Engineering for Kids Summer Camps. In each camp, you’ll design your very own innovative and sustainable Minecraft City. All designs will be featured on our website where you can show them off to family and friends.

Kids of all ages and levels are encouraged to participate. Please check with your local EFK location to see what programs are available.

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The results are in!

Winners for the Summer 2021 Minecraft Build Competition

Award Name Name of City Franchise Location Age
1st Place Winner Green City Mexico 15
2nd Place Winner White Highgrounds Malaysia 10
Most Elaborate Use of Road Signs throughout the City Mati Mexico 7
Most Innovative Pollution Control New City Mexico 12
Most Sophisticated Design Features in a Vehicle My City Mexico 7

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5 Different Minecraft Themes

  • Steps

    Gridlock Blocks with Minecraft

    Explore the theme of sustainable, innovative, and futuristic transportation systems that include public transportation.

  • Steps

    Scraping the Sky with Minecraft

    Explore the theme of architecture, engineering, & design by taking a closer look at the various skyscrapers of today.

  • Steps

    Going Greenwith Minecraft

    Explore the theme of urban gardening and green spaces and how they contribute to a more environmentally friendly, self-sustaining city.

  • Steps

    Maximum Power with Minecraft

    Explore the theme of renewable energy sources and how solar and wind energy can be incorporated to create a more sustainable urban design.

  • Steps

    City Life with Minecraft

    Explore the theme of how arts and entertainment enrich a city, making it an inviting place to live and call home.